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  • How do I order shrimp?
    The easiest is to place your order online. Click here to go to the order page. You can also call ‪(385) 274-7467‬ to place an order.
  • Where do I pick up my shrimp?
    For now, you can pick your shrimp up at Mac's Drive In in McCook. Feel free to use the carhop option if you'd like to stay in your vehicle, just give them your last name and let them know you are picking up shrimp. We are working on our retail space and will soon have regular hours open to walk ins!
  • I’m planning on preparing a meal this weekend, when should I purchase my shrimp?"
    We like to get you your shrimp on the day you will prepare it. Most of the time, ordering online the day before is plenty of lead time. If you want to order ahead of time, just make sure to note in the comments when you’d like to pick it up.
  • Can I get some shrimp TODAY?
    Maybe. How much money do you have? Just kidding. We will always try to get shrimp to you as soon as you need it. Please give us a call at ‪(385) 274-7467‬ and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • Why is this HEAD staring at me?
    Consider yourself lucky. It is very uncommon to see shrimp with their heads on. Head-on shrimp is the ultimate freshness indicator. Shrimp have to be deheaded before freezing for transportation. This is why most of us have never seen a shrimp with its head on… (super secret hint: they’ve all been frozen!)
  • Ok, but what do I do about this head?"
    Cook the shrimp with their heads ON. The head contains fats and enzymes that add to the flavor profile of the shrimp. After the shrimp are cooked, the head will pull off very easily. For the brave, the heads are perfectly edible. For the single gentlemen out there… we hear this is the fastest way to win over your love’s heart.
  • Should I peel my shrimp before cooking?
    Totally up to you. Shrimp peel easier when they are cold, so we like to peel them before cooking. We leave the tail and head on, but remove the rest of the shell.
  • What's the best way to peel my shrimp?
    We like using scissors. A small pair of barber shears or first aid scissors works well. Start by slipping the scissors in the joint right behind the head. Cut down the top of the back toward the tail. After making this cut, the whole shell and legs should peel easily. Also, by cutting down the back, you will expose the vein, making deveining very easy. A deeper cut will butterfly the top, which is often desirable. You can also use a special peeling/deveining tool. We are currently working on a tool that we will have available for purchase soon!
  • Do I HAVE to devein my shrimp?
    The short answer, NO. The long answer? Well, it's too long to get into detail on this page, but there are a LOT of misconceptions about deveining. Deveining started in large part because of elevated mercury in the shrimp's water, which meant mercury was found in their digestive tract. Obviously, the shrimp you are about to eat contain ZERO mercury or any other contaminants as they are raised in controlled waters.
  • SHOULD I devein my shrimp?
    Probably. Most of the time we peel our shrimp before cooking. If you use scissors or a peeling tool, you’ve basically done all the work and it's as simple as running the shrimp under water to finish cleaning it.
  • How long does it take to cook?
    Typically, a minute or two per side over medium heat is sufficient. As soon as the head and meat turn from translucent to pink and white, it’s done… take them off! Overcooking is your biggest enemy. Because you are eating super fresh shrimp that could be eaten raw, there is no harm in undercooking. However, overcooking will turn the meat rubbery and tough, which is only desirable if you are a terrorist.
  • How should I cook my shrimp?
    Our favorite ways to prepare shrimp are sauteed in butter and garlic, or skewered and grilled alongside a big thick Nebraska ribeye. The flavor of fresh, unfrozen shrimp is really superb. It will stand on its own and we typically recommend keeping it simple. That said, we promise that if you use this shrimp in your favorite recipe, you will have an amazing meal. You should probably call and invite us to dinner!
  • What can I expect this shrimp to taste like?
    Shrimp. :) Sorry, had to say it. One of the first things you will notice is how sweet it is. We’ve heard it compared to crab meat or even lobster in terms of how mild and sweet the meat is. It is melt in your mouth delicious and doesn’t taste “fishy” at all. In short, this is what shrimp is supposed to taste like.
  • How long will my shrimp keep?
    Be sure to keep your shrimp packed on ICE… even if stored in the refrigerator. Most commonly, fresh shrimp will keep for 3 days before needing to be frozen. After 24-36 hours, the heads will begin to darken/discolor, but this is ok if they are packed on ice. If you must freeze them, make sure to pull the heads off. Also, remember that if you freeze shrimp, the terrorists win.
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